Alu-Slimline Grates

alu-slimline anodised aluminium

ADF Alu-Slimline Grates – “The Cost-Effective Solution for Anodised Aluminium Grates”

Ideally suited to pedestrian accessible areas with drainage concealed by attractive Slimline Grating. The Alu-Slimline range offers an alternative to Stainless Steel with price in mind.

Offered as a duplicate to our Stainless Slimline, this product is in no way inferior, with quality and durability not to be compromised, with a durable Silver Satin Anodized Finish.

Offering a brilliant architectural appearance

alu-slimline grate & trench units

Ideal for Showers, Bathrooms, Balconies, Pathways, Pools & Courtyards

  • A range of stock standard grate and trench units in 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm & 1500mm x 73mm wide or 113mm wide, come with welded endcaps and 50mm diameter outlet, 100mm from one end or centre of unit.

Grates are:

  • 63mm wide x 25mm deep 
  • 103mm wide x 25mm deep
  • 151mm wide x 25mm deep

Grate and Trench sizes available only in:

  • 73mm wide x 31mm deep
  • 113mm wide x 31mm or 55mm deep
  • 161mm wide x 31mm or 80mm deep
  • Mitres are available to suit.
  • Trench can be in extended lengths with an underside joiner, endcaps come wither plain ended or with pre welded outlets approx. 100mm or 140mm from one end to centre of outlet.

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