Features & Benefits

features & benefits

The Feature of Continuous Grating

Slimline Grates not only serve the purpose of water drainage. Their addition to any location may also provide an architectural touch of style to compliment surroundings. The splendid appearance of radiused curves and mitred corners present a continuation of grating members for a quality finish as location dividers and borders or as a  framed surround to an eyecatching feature within a landscape.

A Cleaner Waterway

Narrow openings of Longitudinal Grating not only provide the benefits of pedestrian safety, but also prevent waste entry to the drainage system. This advantage not only results in a cleaner environment, but also reduces the need to have your drainage systems cleared from blockages from all types of debris and rubbish.


Narrow openings also prevent finger insertion and reduce the risk of unauthorized removal of grates resulting in theft or injury. All grates are supplied with a custom tool for removal purposes

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